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Paul-Emmanuel Raoul

Security and Software Engineer

Works remotely from Paris

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Paris, France
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Paul-Emmanuel in a few words

Self-educated since my childhood, I am a technology and science lover with a deep passion for IT, information security and open-source software, and I am also obsessed by automation. I write software, create learning content about IT-related topics and hunt for bugs.

My curiosity led me to work in different areas such as robotics, academic research and security engineering. I have never restricted myself to one specific topic, which translates my vision that everything is interconnected and that there are many ways to express our inner creativity. For this reason, I have always kept exploring new horizons in my spare time, creating and contributing to open-source projects, participating in technological and ecological groups, etc.

Sharing knowledge and experience is also something I am really attached to. This is why I started a blog in 2011 as a first way to contribute back to the community which allowed me to learn by myself. Since then, I continued creating content such as articles in magazines, presentations, interactive tutorials and hacking challenges. When I was working for Workday, I had the possibility to lead their global CTF hacking competition. I took this opportunity to create something even bigger by organising security workshops, monthly security quizzes and other innovative initiatives like the Malware Café, a pop-up coffee shop where people could come to see real-life hacking techniques in action to demonstrate the dangers of public places (and to enjoy a cup of coffee and some pastries of course!).

For many years, one after another, I worked for different companies, from startups to big multinationals. It was a great way to diversify my experience but I then decided to try something really different and challenging. This is how I became independent professionally speaking. I can now fully use my time to help people realise their projects, create even more content and focus on research.




Digital & IT

Freelance Security & Software Engineer, Founder

Dublin, Ireland

April 2020 - Today (2 years and 11 months)

I created SkypLabs to offer my services in different IT-related areas, such as computer security, software programming and system administration. I also create educational content for trainings in various forms, including workshops, hacking challenges and interactive tutorials.

Besides my customer offerings, I perform in various bug bounty and vulnerability reward programs, work on open-source software and conduct independent research in security.

See for further information.
Entrepreneurship Programming Security Consulting Pentesting DevOps SysAdmin Cloud Architecting


Digital & IT

Security Engineer

Dublin, Ireland

June 2018 - April 2020 (1 year and 10 months)

▶ Technical Security Reviews
▹ Reviewed the designs and the source codes of internal projects
▹ Helped the software development teams understand and fix the security issues in their projects
▹ Audited and assessed the risk of adopting third-party services and tools that Workday wanted to use internally

▶ Software Development
▹ Designed and implemented a large-scale software written in Go for artefact checking
▹ Designed and implemented a Python tool to automatically renew intermediate Certificate Authorities stored in Hashicorp Vault

▶ Social Events
▹ Organised the Workday world-wide Capture The Flag hacking competitions 2018 and 2019, including creating hacking challenges and setting up the whole technical infrastructure hosting the competition
▹ Co-created and organised the Malware Café, a pop-up café used to raise awareness about computer security using real hacking techniques -- We won an award from SANS for this initiative
▹ Organised Workday security workshops (reverse engineering, binary exploitation, web exploitation, cryptography, etc.) in both Dublin, Ireland and Pleasanton, California
▹ Organised monthly technical security quizzes
Security Security Review Audit de sécurité Programming Python GO Kubernetes Docker Terraform Prise de parole en public

University College Dublin (UCD)


Research Engineer

Dublin, Ireland

December 2016 - February 2018 (1 year and 2 months)

I worked on a research study in respect to the EU fintech ecosystem.

This project aimed to explore, using ontological modelling, the EU fintech ecosystem. It sought, inter alia, to improve our understanding of this ecosystem. The study suggested combining novel knowledge representation and data modelling techniques to reveal links between concepts represented in the data that otherwise were not accessible.

To explore the data, I developed a web application called FintechBrowser which embodied the concepts explored in our study.

▶ Software Development
▹ Designed and developed FintechBrowser, the artefact which embodies our research study (TypeScript, Angular2, SPARQL)
▹ Developed and deployed the official website of the study (Jekyll, GitHub Pages)

▶ Data Modelling
▹ Created the ontological model of the fintech ecosystem on which our study relied (RDF/OWL)

▶ Systems and Networking
▹ Set up the infrastructure used by our project (Docker, GitLab, Fuseki, WebProtégé)

▶ Social Events
▹ Presented and demoed our work at SEMANTICS 2017 (demo paper accepted)
Semantic web Angular TypeScrip SPARQL OWL RDF Docker Gitlab


Digital & IT

Network Security Engineer

Paris, France

September 2013 - August 2016 (2 years and 11 months)

Bull is a French multinational IT company with several core businesses such as Big Data, Security and HPC.

▶ Systems and Networking
▹ Designed a network architecture approved by ANSSI (French Network and Information Security Agency) to develop a new SOC-as-a-service offering
▹ Designed and set up an OpenStack platform for an R&D project
▹ Conceived a virtual appliance for SIEM purposes, used in several projects (Packer, SaltStack, Bash)
▹ Set up the internal network laboratory of my department

▶ Security
▹ Assessed the security of network services according to the needs (Apache, MySQL, Squid, etc.)
▹ Reviewed and proceeded to operating system hardening (Linux and BSD systems)
▹ Performed security audits of network infrastructure projects

▶ Software Development
▹ Increased our internal productivity by developing a program allowing to generate network flow matrices from configuration or log files in a complete automated way (Python)
▹ Initiated the development of a Bash library to speed up the writing of scripts

▶ Miscellaneous
▹ Created and animated workshops
▹ Helped the customer support team in rush periods
Architecture SI Audit de sécurité Security Reviews Linux Openstack SIEM Saltstack Python Bash workshop


Digital & IT

Software Engineer

Limoges, France

May 2013 - July 2013 (2 months)

Cybedroïd is a French robotics company of which the main goal is to design and build life-size robots for domestic purposes.

▶ Software Development
▹ Integrated smart cameras within Cybedroïd's internal robotic framework (C#, libusb, SDL)
▹ Developed a demo software for Cybedroïd's robotic head module which has been used during the "Futur en Seine" exhibition in 2013 (C++)

▶ Electronic Design
▹ Determined the requirements to engineer a long-range RFID system

Remi Leveugle - Lydia


Paul Emmanuel worked with me (and more generally Lydia) for a bit more than 3 months. In a few days he was autonomous to work in our context, and was able to navigate in the company, finding the right persons to help him tech side. Paul Emmanuel met objectives we defined together and was able to adapt his priorities thanks to company priorities. He has really strong tech capacities (design, dev, devops). From a human perspective it was really great to work with him. I hope we will meet again in the future ! Thanks dude!