As the world of work evolves and people’s expectations around their work lives shift, the promise of independence and flexibility is drawing more and more professionals towards independent consulting. The global management consulting industry alone, valued at $316 billion, underscores the immense potential in this sector​​. In the face of an evolving digital landscape and increasing demand for specialized skills, independent consultants are finding unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation.

Malt Strategy is at the forefront of this shift, providing independent consultants access to high-quality projects, personalized support, and a strong community—powered by our best-in-class product. We’re here to accompany you on your consulting journey, from securing your first client to celebrating your 100th project.

High-Quality Projects

Whether you’ve been consulting for a year or a decade, you know that finding the right next project can be challenging. Some call it the feast or famine rollercoaster; there are either too many projects or not enough. But even when times are good, the client or project opportunity might not be.

Enter Malt Strategy. We work with over 70K companies that trust us to pair them with the right independent consultants. Instead of sending you thousands of irrelevant projects, we have a team that reviews all project opportunities to make sure they meet your expectations and daily rate.

Our clients span the globe, from Paris to Amsterdam to Dubai, and range from SMBs to large enterprises. This diverse portfolio ensures that we can offer a wide array of projects catering to your specific expertise and preferences. With Malt Strategy, you’re not just filling a role but rather cultivating your own career path.

Personalized Support

Your independent consulting journey doesn’t have to be a solo enterprise. Our dedicated support team is available to assist from project start to finish. They’ll also be on call throughout the duration of your engagement to support you with any challenges or questions you might have.

Our process begins well before you receive an opportunity. First, we work closely with clients to ensure that project briefs give you all of the information you need so you can create a strong pitch. And you’re not competing with thousands of other consultants. We handpick a selection of top candidates for each project, ensuring that it meets your requirements.

Beyond just matching you with projects, our team provides guidance on how to effectively communicate your unique value proposition to potential clients.

We also offer tools and resources to help you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

Strong Community

"Community is at the heart of what we do,” asserts Zhibek Valevka, Head of the UK Community at Malt. Malt Strategy is committed to creating a vibrant network for independent consultants, offering exclusive partnerships, insightful content, and in-person events. “We encourage consultants to use our global networking opportunities to build their own communities, which are a great resource for sharing knowledge and best practices—and feeling more like a part of a network,” says Zhibek.

To support learning and development, we offer a wealth of free resources, including bi-monthly trend-focused newsletters, articles, and professional development guides via our Resource Center. In 2021, we launched Malt Academy, hosted by our community—for our community—to create an environment of peer-to-peer learning. From Chat GPT for Finance Professionals to Improving your Personal Brand on LinkedIn, we aim to enhance your skills and keep you at the forefront of industry trends. Additionally, we launched an advisory board in 2023 so that our consultants and freelancers could play a role in the strategic direction of our company.

We also have an array of global partnerships ranging from car leasing with Sixt to co-working spaces with Spacebase. To further support our community by expanding client opportunities, we established the Malt Business Referral Program, which rewards you with a 5% commission on any project that you refer to us.

Hassle-Free Admin

Our product is designed to take the hassle out of administration, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Leave all of the admin to us; our product effectively handles contracts, reporting, and payments – and we offer insurance to make sure your experience is secure.

Upon selection for a project, you can seamlessly sign your contract directly through our product. Plus, our personalized dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your earnings, reviews, and other essential statistics, all in one place. Additionally, you can communicate directly with clients through our platform, simplifying project coordination and management.

Once your project kicks off, you’ll have the full benefits of the Malt product at your disposal. You can use it to track your time, monitor travel expenses, and automate your billing. Once the project ends, you’ll receive your earnings within 10 business days.

So get to work and let us streamline every administrative detail, allowing you to focus solely on your expertise and project success.