Procedure transparency at Malt - moderating and listing


Listing refers to the technical methods used at Malt to present freelance profiles to Clients and Assignments to Freelancers, and to improve their visibility.

Moderating consists of identifying and deleting harmful or inappropriate content, as well as punishing Users who infringe the Marketplace's rules of use or current regulations.

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2022/2065 of October 19, 2022 concerning Single Market For Digital Services, in this page you will find information about: 

  1. Freelancer profile listing
  2. Client Assignment listing
  3. Moderating User accounts
    3.1 Moderating Client accounts
    3.2 Moderating Freelancer accounts
  4. Moderating reviews and recommendations
  5. Reporting content

Users are invited to contact the following address: [email protected], if they have any questions about the information provided on this page.

Malt would like to assure Users that every listing and moderating action is taken in order to guarantee a high level of professionalism and quality on the Marketplace.

All terms beginning with a capital letter are as defined in the Marketplace Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale (link).

1. Freelancer profile listing

Any individual or legal entity meeting the definition of a Freelancer as defined in the GCU, who has an account on the Marketplace may be offered an Assignment. 

In order for a freelancer's profile to be listed, whether as part of an independent search by the Client or as part of a search via Malt Plus, the following criteria are taken into account by the Malt algorithm: 

  • level of completion of the freelancer's profile
  • mission criteria defined by a Client
  • the Freelancer's activity on the Marketplace: Freelancers must have active Accounts for at least three months before their profile can be listed in a Client’s independent search, or for at least one year before being listed in a Malt Plus search result. The period may be extended depending on the type of profile sought by the Client. 

How the Malt algorithm works is detailed in this Resource Center article:

In addition, as defined in the GCU and as part of the Malt Plus service, Freelancer profiles pre-selected by the algorithm are analyzed by our sourcing team before presenting the Client with a list of vetted Freelancer profiles. 

Lastly, the Freelancer must not be the object of a moderating process following an event as per article 3 herein. 

2. Client Assignment listing

Malt does not list Assignments proposed by Clients. Clients choose the Freelancers to whom they wish to propose the assignment directly or to profiles pre-selected through a Malt Plus search. 

However, certain rules apply in order to guarantee the quality of the Assignments offered to Freelancers: 

  • for an independent search, the Client may not contact more than six Freelancers at a time
  • the first Assignment submitted by a new Client via Malt Plus is analyzed by our teams before being offered to Freelancers
  • Freelancers will not be offered assignments containing statements that are clearly disparaging, insulting, abusive or in breach of applicable regulations.

Freelancers can also share an Assignment opportunity as part of the business referral program, the terms and conditions of which are set out on this page.

3. Moderating User Accounts

Malt may implement measures set out in article 17 of the GCU, namely the suspension without notice of the User's Account or the refusal to the User to access all or part of the Marketplace, and particularly in the event of non-compliance with the provisions of article 4.2 relating to access to the Marketplace reserved for Users and article 9.1 of the GCU concerning User obligations. 

3.1 Moderating Client accounts

Malt may moderate a Client's Account in the event of non-compliance with the provisions of article 9.2 of the GCU. 

Moderating consists of temporarily or permanently suspending the Account. The Client is informed of the action taken in the light of the facts observed, and will be invited to discuss the matter with our teams before any definitive suspension is enacted.

3.2 Moderating Freelancer Accounts

Malt may moderate a Freelancer's account in the event of non-compliance with article 9.3 of the GCU. 

Malt may take various measures depending on the behavior detected and its seriousness: sending a warning informing the Freelancer of the breach and reminding him/her of the applicable rules; moderating the Freelancer's Malt Plus profile; removing ratings and recommendations; withdrawing Super Malter status where applicable, permanent or temporary suspension of the Account.

4. Moderating reviews and recommendations

The review and recommendation system is set out in article VII of the GCU.

Malt publishes positive and negative reviews without moderating before publication. After publication, any review or recommendation containing excessive or insulting elements, or contrary to the regulations in force, may be sent at the request of any interested party to the address given at the beginning of this page, in order to be withdrawn by Malt, if it does not comply with the provisions of article 7.3. 

Malt reserves the right to moderate reviews deemed to be purely gratuitous.

Reviews and recommendations are kept for the duration the Freelancer continues to use the Marketplace.
Should the User who wrote the review deletes their account, the review becomes anonymous, enabling the Freelancer to continue to benefit from the review's contribution to the recommendation of his/her profile.

5. Reporting content

Each User is invited to inform the Company of any content that may be contrary to the GCU or current regulations.

All reports must be sent to the following address: [email protected] and must include a description of the disputed facts and their precise location on the Site, as well as the reasons why the content must be removed.

Freelancers can also report an Assignment or any inappropriate behavior directly from the conversation with the Client in Malt's integrated messaging system.

Malt undertakes to act promptly in response to any report from a User. All reports will be handled impartially and transparently.
If necessary, Malt reserves the right to take appropriate measures as described in article 3.